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Personal Coaching

I am available for online guidance sessions to help you learn to understand yourself in terms of your mind, body and spirit. I focus on assisting you to develop awareness through talk therapy, movement and breathwork of yoga, and exploring psychic reality. This means understanding that we each live in our own version of reality, which is influenced by our subconscious, and by using shamanic and spiritual practices we can access that level and heal from there. I help you to learn about how your past experiences have shaped you into the person you are today. Using the tools I will offer, you can learn how to make positive changes within yourself to live a more fulfilling life. The process of healing is not pleasant or comfortable, it involves facing the pain and darkness within us, and walking through it while I hold the lantern, and then together we will light your own candle. You have the ability to become the best version of yourself, and overcome any experiences which have negatively affected you, if you are willing to do the work required. Approaching healing from different angles allows us to determine what practices are going to be the most effective for you. I am eager to share my wisdom and knowledge, my energy and presence with motivated people who are ready to let go of what no longer serves them, and step into a new chapter of their lives.

My sessions are available anywhere in the world online over video chat platforms, as well as in person in New Haven, CT. I travel half of the year and may be coming to a place near you. All of my services are available in Spanish. Todos mis servicios están disponibles en español.

Topics which we can cover


Relationship are some of the most influential aspects of our lives, but we never get taught how to have healthy ones. Some of us had the blessing to learn from our families, but many of us did not have great role models. Relationships bring up the deepest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves and it can be difficult to share these in a healthy way. We have ingrained patterns in our way of relating to others which stem from our childhood as well as our past experiences with people. It requires mindfulness and self awareness to participate in creating healthy relationships with other people where there is respect, clear communication and an equal exchange of giving and receiving. It is actually common for a relationship to become unhealthy, toxic or abusive. Abuse can take many forms such as emotional, sexual, or physical and can drastically effect the way we relate to ourselves and others. Recovering from a dysfunctional relationship is a difficult process which is greatly benefitted from working with a professional. My personal and professional experience has lead me to become an expert on this process. I am happy to work with you to heal and develop healthy and fulfilling relationships in your life by starting with your own relationship to yourself.


Experiences which overwhelm us in the moment can leave us with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Interpersonal violence such as childhood abuse, sexual assault, or abusive relationships can profoundly influence the way we feel about ourselves. We have the ability to integrate these experiences and learn to process and overcome what happened to us. PTSD can interrupt our lives and make us feel depressed or "crazy". My holistic approach to healing from trauma is tailored to address the physiological, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the condition and facilitate the road to wellness.


As a result of working with many people who have had negative sexual experiences, I realized that we also need to learn how to relate to our sexuality in a positive way. Sexuality is an integral part of being human and it is not addressed in a healthy way for many of us growing up. I am available to help people process past experiences, and learn how to come to terms with this part of your identity in an empowering way.


I am available to work with people who have been adopted and want to process this experience. I have particular expertise on identity development especially cultural and racial, for people who were adopted and want to feel more at peace with this. I was adopted myself and have worked with adoptees and their families on this topic in the past.

See what people are saying after interacting with me.

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  • When am around you I feel so happy because you are happy and I also feel calm when am around you and I feel loved.

    • Acirce George
    • Certified Yoga Instructor, Uganda.
  • You have helped me understand romantic relationships and relationships with friends and family by showing me a different perspective. You have helped me break down relationships and situations to see the experience clearly without distractions of emotion or my own self-absorption which helps me in situations now where I reflect on events outside of just my personal view, attachments, and social constraints..

    • C***y
    • NYC
  • you are a spiritual healer and that you focus on meditation as a means of becoming centered. I think you could support them by giving them some guidance material at first so that they can educate themselves a bit about healing from trauma and to see if this is the best path for them. Then you could answer any questions they might have, and you could ask them questions as well, perhaps questions they never thought of before, which might help them to understand the importance of going through the healing process.

    • S***ne G***t; Lawyer
    • Kingston, Jamaica
  • Lolly has helped me to learn visualizations such as someone's excessive mind chatter or negative vibes to enter into a big black cauldron instead of allowing those vibes be absorbed into my own being. It has helped me to protect myself and harness my own physical, mental & emotional energies. She also deepened my understanding of cord cutting through ceremony and visual techniques. I now feel more in charge of my healing progress and can now share this deep wisdom with others who may suffer from emotional/energetic wounds. Thank you for bringing deep joy, feminine wisdom &&love into my life. Namaste.

    • Tina Ulrich
    • West Haven
  • Where I have reached is because of your effort, I have moved 50% in my journey because of you, you remain a role model and a kind, caring, supportive and a loving person in my life and family.

    • Anena Kevin Okumu
  • you helped to reflect back to me the way that i was judging myself as being either not enough or too much. our session helped bring awareness to how silly my fears and self-judgments are, which allows me to be less attached to these judgments, laugh at them, release them, notice them instead of feeling like they are the truth and move on with my day. you also helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, to feel normal, to love myself, my family and my friends even deeper. Thank you.

    • Jackie Ryan
    • Harmony House, West Haven
  • I felt that I was able to confront some conflict in myself relating to gender roles.

    • Adrian
    • New Boston
  • You helped provide guidance as I considered entering into the social work profession. Also, your facebook posts always cause me to self-reflect on areas of improvement. They help to keep me accountable to myself and who I want to be.

    • Apryl
    • Austin, TX; Mental Health Policy
  • I would say that you are a person who can give a good insight on their selfs or relationship

    • Camilo Matinez
    • Berlin, Germany
  • Lolly's has a very diverse background and extensive experience. She tailors her working knowledge and interpersonal skills to best suit an individual's needs.

    • Naila
    • Charlotte, NC, Management Consultant
  • Strong communicator, provide a relaxed and calm setting, good listener, ability to collect another's thoughts and put it into words and show them a perspective that can help them

    • Zack Friedman
  • Lolly is a grounded person, eager to investigate diverse ways to support you; always willing to learn and try new things

    • Renata
    • Blantyre, Malawi (U.S. citizen); Consultant;
  • Lolly has a beautiful blend of being soft and playful and loving and yet highly engaged in her work and learning and desire to help.

    • John White
    • New Haven, CT

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