Lolly Be

A holistic healer integrating therapy, yoga and spiritual awareness.

I Am A Healer

I am a holistic healer because I believe that we are multidimensional beings. I have traveled the world and visited a variety of cultures. My explorations have taught me various ways of understanding the human experience. I have taken the tools and concepts from a range of philosophies and compiled them into my work. I offer conceptualizations of illness and wellness based on these different perspectives to help a client understand their self in an accessible way that resonates with them. I encourage clients to become mindful of their own thoughts, of their breath, and of their body. I offer sessions that have aspects of western psychology, yoga and vedic philosophy, and native north and south American shamanism. We will do talk therapy, practice easy yoga poses and breathwork, and we may also do visualization exercises as well as sound healing. No session will be exactly the same because I include these modalities according to the persons needs in that moment. My intention is to facilitate a healing process addressing the root causes of behavior and thought patterns. By taking a multi-pronged approach the client will walk away with a toolkit of practices to do and a greater awareness of themselves.

My Mission

is to provide people with an experiential form of learning about themselves in order to transform mind, body and spirit. I aim to help survivors of traumatic events to cope through yoga, therapy and spiritual awareness.

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